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Creative Networks in Dance, Dansweek 2008

Creative Networks in Dance

The indiviual artist looking for collaboration in a global world.

Host/Moderator - Geurt Grosfeld, Sonax
Concept - Sonja Augart, Fragmenta
Organisation - Station Zuid (inmiddels opgeheven)
Workshops - Sweet & Tender
Sunday October 5th 2008 - Theater de NWE Vorst
Language - English

In the ‘Dansweek Brabant’ professional creators - regional, national and international - debated about creative networks in dance.

Central issue: ‘A global network of artists creates new possibilities for the development of independent artists’.

The debate was about different ways of creating, producing, looking for development and feedback to your work.

Keywords: reflecting, questioning, sharing, connecting, opening, exchanging, expermenting with experiënce, knowledge, resources and ideas.

download report (dutch)