investigate, question, design ..... make a difference


... what do we see ...


ambitions ... stories .... where do they meet ...


observations ... needs ... wishes ... do they match? ...


at the design table ... from idea to concept


... together we see more than individualy ...


... do ... build ... from concept to product


For more than 20 years Sonax has been designing services for the public domain.We are passionate about quality of life, public space, entrepreneurship and creativity in cities and neighborhoods.

We care about the city and the wellbeing of its inhabitants: socially, economically, culturally and ecologically

Sonax has therefore developed methods for enlivening public space, for strengthening citizen participation, and for creative and social entrepreneurship.

Our work goes from designing museum concepts and approaching policy, to executing pilots in neighborhoods and projects in the public domain. Societal issues stimulate us to get the bottom out of the can.

Sonax works with the best qualified people: data specialists, sociologists, lighting designers, technologists, designers and artists. This is a list of
people we work with a lot.

Sonax knows how to initiate changes and bridge social distances. We connect high-tech and high-touch.

selection from our projects show wat this means.



We work on themes such as rural areas and cities, the quality of life in neighborhoods, place-making issues in cities, resilience in society.

We do this by translating policy into practice, by developing concepts and by implementing projects in public space, the public domain and the cultural sector.

We have expertise in urbanism, creative industries, social innovation and networking. In our projects, among others, we connect heritage & society, public space & technology, education & entrepreneurship, communities & governance.

We were involved in projects such as Scotland's Towns Conference, Cultural Capital Leeuwarden, Culture in the Public Space of Tilburg, Candidature of Cultural Capital Brabant, DC Network, and Vision and Masterplan for Light in the center area of Veldhoven and Maastricht.

We contribute to the renewal and implementation of media, culture and heritage in policies.

In addition, we organize meetings and creative sessions on societal themes. We provide lectures and guest lectures, and function as moderator and chairman at conferences.

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our projects.

who takes care?

where is the action?

are you being welcomed?

where do people go?

when does the city sleep?

what's going on?

what limits you?

what faces do you see?

does the place support its people?

is the surface alive?

what does the place give you?

how high are the fences?

does the name fulfill its promise?

do you want to stay?

who owns the place?


It is almost a cliché, but no less true: the pace of societal, economic and administrative change is higher than ever before. Positions change quickly. There is unprecedented dynamic in processes. Time for reflection is scarce.

How do we ensure satisfactory quality in the work we do? By setting high demands on our way of working. By implementing new ways of collaborating and securing.

Sonax seeks balance between rational calculating and behavior-based approaches.

After all, the challenges of our time need visionairy, creative, empathic and realistic translations.

Therefore Sonax focuses on the 'high-touch' component in assignments.

As high touch engineers we stand for high touch values!


Sonax develops proposals to improve public spaces and urban environments. We do this by (re)designing and programming public spaces. Well-being, comfort and happiness of residents and visitors are central. We build on communities, meanings and desires. Impact is a measure of quality for us. We developed a digital instrument to measure 'Quality of Place'.

Sonax also developed the 'Four Worlds Model', described here globally:

world of value
Projects must be relevant for all people involved: citizens, entrepreneurs, administrators and others. Our products and services are forms of value creation in the public domain. Without recognized value there is no 'community of the willing'.

world of identity
Recognisability and individuality are important. What is special is worthy of attention. Sonax sees identity as a building block for growth; recognizing, making visible and experiencing identity is important.

world of justice
Honesty, accessibility and transparency and a good balance between people and parties in our projects are fundamental. This creates trust. It is fundamental for a sustainable result.

world of the community
An inviting atmosphere and including work are crucial for support. People want to be involved; learn, share and collaborate. Management in the work process and inspiring interaction between parties characterizes our approach.


We'd like to show you some of our work: